A little about me...

I have been privileged to spend the last 11 years raising my family and putting down roots here in the Pennridge School District. My wife and I have two wonderful children who have benefitted from the Pennridge School System. We partnered with their teachers to balance their education, along with their behavioral and mental health. Thanks to this, I am confident in the continued growth of my children and have a deep respect for our teachers, administrators, and support staff.

A little about me to help you understand where my passion comes from.  My greatest inspiration has always been my grandparents. They were deeply involved in their community. Together they worked to help families through various organizations including their church. My grandfather was a Police Officer, Volunteer Fire Fighter, and a member of the Lions Club International. They taught me moral and ethical values that I always work to achieve in everything I do in life. My family has multiple generations of Police Officers, Fire Fighters, Military members, Teachers, and Social Workers. I am excited to continue this family tradition and start my journey running for School Board Director for Pennridge School District.

I have been in management positions in retail and hospitality for over 20 years now. This work and life experience has allowed me to build skills in communication, relationship building, problem solving, and recognizing the needs of others. I understand how to work with people from all backgrounds, cultures, and belief systems. I believe that the School Board is the “Bridge between the School District and the Community” and thus needs to be balanced leaders that enable us to be the best versions of ourselves. I will work to promote a level of communication that allows us all to be on the same page regardless of political affiliations and encourage transparency through proactive discussions regarding all issues. I will work to ensure our students, teachers, and staff have the programs and training needed to help us learn about the various emotional and behavioral needs and how to process them. Let’s work together to be Pennridge Proud!


Expanding Our Educational Needs

Emotional and Behavioral Health

One of my main focuses is how we handle our students emotional and behavioral education. I believe that we need to have programs established in each level of our school district designed to have professionals working along our teachers, support staff and administrators. We need to first agree that we need help in understand the various topics that we continue to learn about. We should welcome the idea that we can do better for our children, our students and future contributing community members to help them understand what they are going through in safe spaces and programs. This can also be expanded into their families and any community members that want to be involved.

Improving this one area will help us handle issues such as discrimination, student safety, and increase their capability for learning by helping them process situations that we as parents, educators, and administrators are not trained for. We can do better.

Competitive Programs

We need to make sure we are taking full use of the state and federal grant programs to offer our students the chance to excel. Opportunities to promote STEM such as Science Fairs, MathCounts, Envirothon, and Destination Imagination give our students the ability to use the skills and knowledge they learn in real time. This also opens key moments that they can attain various scholarships and apprenticeships that could prove invaluable. Ensuring we have adequate funding and participation for our Arts & Music Programs allow our students creative avenues that are key to a well-rounded education and deeper understanding of our history and culture.  


For us to have true transparency, we need to actively share information with the community and utilize our various methods of communication to ensure that everyone understands this information. We can utilize social media better and encourage conversations on a community level. We can also add to our website a Podcast style video, where one of the board members explains the topics and each member can explain their decision on a particular vote. This is my view of transparency. It's not just about making information available, but helping those in the community understand the "why." We often overlook this as elected officials do not always see the "need" to explain their decisions. I believe that it is the responsibility of an elected official to inform their constituents. Only then can we have a true understanding amongst each other.

Real World Education

Our growing college debt situation starts with asking our Juniors and Seniors to start signing documents that we do not prepare them for. We place the burden of this information on parents that may not understand or assist with themselves. We need to better prepare our students for what is to come after they graduate so they can make informed decisions. Classes such as Understanding Credit, Civics, Intro to Ethics should be discussed so that as our students come of age, they at least have a base knowledge of the world they become a part of as adults. Responsibility of loans, starting businesses, and voting are just a few of the real world situations they will be put in.